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A leading internetworking and IT training company, headquartered in Irvine, California. Founded in 1987, Ascolta offers authorized Cisco and other vendor training. Ascolta’s instructors offer on-site and virtual learning solutions to help professionals pursue individual or corporate learning goals.


  • Ascolta had limited visibility into their online sales funnel
  • Improve online messaging and user acquisition
  • Clean up database and CMS controlling class directory, schedule and ecommerce functions


  • MAB started with a ‘Traffic & UX’ analysis - allowing Ascolta management to better understand their user’s onsite behavior and marketing spend ROI
  • MAB implemented a more efficient navigation strategy resulting in 10% higher conversion rate
  • We simplified their CMS and cleaned up years of ‘spaghetti code’ which was causing errors in delivery of class information

Ascolta was sold to ITT tech shortly after improvement implemented by MAB

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